653. Myeloma/Amyloidosis: Therapy, excluding Transplantation: Novel Therapies Targeting B Cell Maturation Antigen in Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma

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Deepu Madduri, Jesus G. Berdeja, Saad Z. Usmani, et al.

Authors Conclusion from the Abstract: Preliminary phase 1b/2 data from CARTITUDE-1 indicate a single low-dose infusion of cilta-cel leads to early, deep, and durable responses in heavily pretreated pts with MM with a safety profile consistent with LEGEND-2. Further investigation of cilta-cel in other MM populations is underway.

Hua Jiang, Baoxia Dong, Li Gao, et al.

Authors Conclusion from the Abstract: The data of BCMA-CD19 dual FasT CAR-T showed an early and high response rate with 93.8% ORR to date with a promising early high MRD-sCR rate in the highest dose level DL3 (100%) which was sustained with a median duration of follow up of 7.3 months at cut off. The data shows very promising activity of the BCMA-CD19 dual FasT CAR-T with a favorable safety profile in R/R MM patients. 93.8% (15/16) of the treated patients exhibited high risk features – a specifically difficult to treat patient population which remains a high unmet medical need in Multiple Myeloma. This data indicates that BCMA-CD19 dual FasT CAR-T (GC012F) may present an effective new treatment option for patients with R/R MM including those with high-risk features who failed multiple prior therapies including anti-CD38. The study is still ongoing and enrolling patients, we will update the results as they become available.

Shaji K. Kumar, Magdalini Migkou, Manisha Bhutani, et al.

Authors Conclusion from the Abstract: MEDI2228 is a BCMA-targeted ADC that demonstrated clinical efficacy at all dose levels explored. MEDI2228 0.14 mg/kg Q3W had a manageable safety profile and an ORR of 61% in a heavily pretreated population with myeloma that is R/R post PI, IMiD, and mAb therapies.

Alfred L. Garfall, Saad Z. Usmani, María-Victoria Mateos, et al.

Authors Conclusion from the Abstract: Teclistamab has a manageable safety profile, which includes low-grade CRS (with no gr ≥3 events) and low severe infection and neurotoxicity rates with both iv and sc administration. Deep and durable responses were observed with both iv and sc administration. The encouraging tolerability and efficacy of teclistamab support the planned phase 2 monotherapy (at 1500 µg/kg sc) trial and future combination studies.

Simon J Harrison, Monique C. Minnema, Hans C. Lee, et al.

Authors Conclusion from the Abstract: In this FIH study with ongoing dose-escalation, AMG 701, an anti‑BCMA BiTE® molecule, demonstrated a manageable safety profile, encouraging activity, and a favorable PK profile in patients with heavily pre‑treated RR MM, supporting further evaluation of AMG 701.

Gang An, Weiwei Sui, Tingyu Wang, et al.

Authors Conclusion from the Abstract: The clinical trial results in patients with R/R MM treated with C-CAR088 show a favorable safety profile and promising signs of efficacy. We will continue to evaluate these patients to understand the long-term effect of C-CAR088 in multiple myeloma patients.